Cream Cleanser

Vattenlöslig och fettfri för alla hudtyper.

En ickelöddrande rengöring som skonsamt och effektivt rengör huden från orenheter och makeup. Den binds ihop med orenheterna så att de lätt kan sköljas bort. Jojoba och marulaolja håller huden mjuk under rengöringsmomentet.

100ml/200ml/ALLA HUDTYPER
(10 customer reviews)


Produkt detaljer

99% naturlig
86% ekologisk
100% vegansk
100% ej djurtestad
335g koldioxidkompenserad (100ml pack)
555g koldioxidkompenserad (200ml pack)
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10 reviews for Cream Cleanser

  1. Afia

    It’s not often you find a cream cleanser that strikes the perfect balance! This cleanser is able to gently remove ALL impurities from your skin whilst leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. My new favourite cleanser!

  2. Jenine

    Fantastic for dry skins. This cleanser cleans gently but efficiently without stripping the skin. Love this as my winter cleanser.

  3. Megan Fosse

    I would recommend the Cream Cleanser to everyone. We all need a bit more moisture in our skins, and this product provides without stripping the skin of important oils and nutrients.

  4. Yvette

    Lovely gentle cleanser, it removes make-up effectively which is a bonus. It also has a refreshing and clean fragrance.

  5. Kerry Venter

    Gorgeous rose smell. Effective in removing the days gunk and grime. Skin feels refreshed and hydrated afterwards!

  6. Courtneigh Grundlingh

    I find this product especially great for winter when my skin is so dry, and it is wonderful that it can take off make up too!

  7. Carmen Melissa Jessop

    This is a amazing product really helps with dry skins amazing product to work with and to use in winter times if you get extremely dry skin it helps build that moisture your skin needs:)

  8. Anneke Lange

    I wear allot of makeup during the day and no cream cleanser that I’ve tried has ever removed my makeup as easily as this cream cleanser.

    I use it dry to emulsify with my makeup and then dampen and rinse of in the shower.

    It’s also not a very oily cream cleanser like most cream cleansers, it rinses of quite easily.

  9. Melissa Johnson

    Love using this cleanser in the evenings to remove all my makeup from a busy day. Its subtle/low key smells also set your mind at ease for getting ready to hit the sack!

  10. Ursula

    I have been using this product as part of my daily Esse skincare regime for more than a year and I truly enjoy the gentle, clean and refreshing result each time

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