Sensitive Minst

Sensitive Mist

Probiotisk mist för att lugna en känslig hud.

Sensitive Mist innehåller probiotiska extrakt och prebiotiska näringsämnen för att stötta hudens mikrobiom.

Milda, mjukgörande ingredienser ökar fuktnivån i huden. Kan med fördel användas flera gånger per dag för att lugna och återfukta huden i ansiktet.


(19 customer reviews)


Produkt detaljer

99.95% Natural
95% Organic
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
342g Carbon Offset
Natural Organic 100% Vegan 100% Cruelty Free
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19 reviews for Sensitive Mist

  1. Janine

    I have such sensitive skin and almost anything causes redness, itching, burning and eczema on my face that sometimes lasts weeks. I purchased this toner as a last resort to even try and assist with the pain on my face after using a “calming serum” from another brand. This was an impulse and desperate buy, and I never intended repurchasing this and had no idea how dependent I would become to this little bottle of magic. I love using this right after cleansing and often times during the day. It helps calm my skin and does not aggravate eczema on my face when I have flare ups.

  2. Kristen

    Love the ingredients of the product and it calms down my skin but does leave a tight, sticky feeling.

  3. Lea

    I love love love this TONER. It gives that little bit extra somethin’ somethin’ my skin needs.

  4. Jill Mckeith

    This wonderful toner is so lovely to use throughout the day.
    Even when doing facial waxing for clients, I spray this toner after, to calm skin.
    It hydrates and replenishes skin.
    It has a beautiful, gentle fragrance.

  5. suewen

    I find this toner the best for peri menopausal skin as it calms sub clinical inflammation immediately!

  6. Minette Vosloo

    When your skin feels icthy or irritated, a spritz from the sensitive toner calms it down emmidiately. After a sport or gym session and your face is red, after washing with sensitive cleanser, spritz the toner over your face and the skin’s redness and heated feeling goes away faster.

  7. Stephanie Duckitt

    The toner is not only great to aply on your face before you moisturize but also great throughout the day to spritz on your face when its hot and irritated.

  8. Courtneigh Grundlingh

    I love the smell and feel of this product. It is so gentle, light and just makes your skin feel wonderful and hydrated.

  9. Loice Gwah

    Besides being a toner, I also use it as my make up setting spray. I truely love this sensitive toner. Even during the day when I feel the heat I just sprits on my face to cool and calm my face. I always keep one in my handbag

  10. Kerry Venter

    This toner is never too far from my side. I spritz my skin at least 4x a day. Soothing, calming and hydrating. Also seems to have helped my problem chin area.

  11. Stephanie

    Love this product. Not only is its a wonderful toner but also great for my baby’s bum rash.

  12. Yvette Botha

    This toner has so many uses! It not only acts as a toner during your normal cleansing routine, but can also be used as a setting spray for make-up or just a quick spray to refresh your look during the day.

  13. Carmen Melissa Jessop

    This is one of my favorite products from the Senative range the Senative toner is amazing to set your makeup for the day:) and I love using it in the summer time it gives that fresh feeling threw out the day and using it in winter aswel is amazing aswel because it keeps your skins moisture and stops that winter dry skin.

  14. Megan Fosse Slide Health Spa

    Love this product! I have a very reactive skin and this toner helps so much in calming it down. I live in a conservancy with lots of plants and wild animals, which I am extremely allergic to. But a quick spritz of this toner calms my skin right down. I also love that you can use it over your makeup.

  15. Anneke Lange

    Totally Inlove with this toner. During the cold seasons when the flue gets the better of me I take this toner and spray throughout the day onto my nose area and it prevented flaking skin.

    If I get a sneeze attack it also helps with my allergies surprisingly. Maby because it’s loaded with beneficial microbes that fight against the bad microbes.

    Big thumbs up !

  16. Cordnee Lee Moonsamy

    1. Tone before every moisturiser application
    2. Tone after make-up
    3. Tone when I feel a little too oily
    4. Tone when my skin needs a quick boost
    5. Tone to rehydrate
    6. Tone to give myself a quick wake up call
    7. Tone to make myself look human after a sleepless night.
    8. Tone after a few glasses too many. ( tried and tested with my brothers in law and now I’ve had to make sure to keep my sentive toner in reach whenever they’re around)

    …. and many many more! This is my absolute fave toner of all. The sentive toner IS MY LIFE!

  17. Melissa Johnson

    Light vanilla smell that soothes the mind when spritzing onto the face. My clients really love it when I spritz it onto their skin during a facial as it calms down areas I have extracted and boosts hydration all round.

  18. Jenine Harrison

    This product reminds me of all things pink & fluffy …it smells pretty, it makes me feel pretty and it gently refreshes and hydrates my skin when I feel my skin needs it! Apply after you’ve done your makeup for a beautiful glow.

  19. Sylvia

    I use the whole Sensitive range and it really helps with my rosacea. This Toner smells gentle and leaves my skin feeling hydrated! I’m in love.

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